Friday, July 13, 2012

NOVAStartalk 2012 PhotoPeach

Vocabulary 3.1 Activity
By Yan Xie (Chinese Language)

This activity is designed by Professor (of Chinese Language) Yan Xie, using PhotoPeach. Please read Professor Yan Xie’s comment below about this activity: "I am very glad to learn Photopeach to teach Chinese. I used to use PPT to display vocabulary. Now with photopeach, I can display vocabulary in the form of story and spiral. And I can add background music. It is really good to use." (Yan Xie, 2012)                     

Vocabulary 3.1 on PhotoPeach

Teaching Verbs in the Target Language - Hindi
by Ridhima

Teaching Verbs in the Target Language - Hindi on PhotoPeach

The Nile in Egypt
by Abdelrahman

The Nile in Egypt on PhotoPeach

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