Tuesday, June 21, 2011

NOVA STARTALK 2011- DotSub Videos

"Lunch Invitation"
By Azza and Sumer

"الدول العربية-Arab Countries"
By Ola, Basma and Fatma
المقدمة عن الدول العربية معلومات عن بعض الدول العربية الحديث عن دولة مصروسورياوالكويت العادات والتقاليدوأهم النقاط المشتركة بينها

"My Summer Vacation"
By Salwa, Ferial and Adil
This video is about our plan during the coming summer vacation

By Hala, Amged and Alex
At this video a student from USA coming to Egypt speeks with an immigration officer.

"Greeting in Arabic and Hindi"
By Mohamed and Madhu
Basic greeting in Arabic and Hindi.

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